FluCoMa Podcast #02: Jorrit Tamminga

The second episode of the FluCoMa podcast. Jacob Hart talks with creative coder and educator Jorrit Tamminga.

Jorrit Tamminga profile picture

Jorrit Tamminga

The Podcast


  1. Introduction (0:0)

  2. Getting into the world of electronic music (1:22)

  3. Discussing Empty Mind by Wim Henderickx (3:43)

  4. Electronics and orchestration (8:38)

  5. SuperCollider, live-coding and experimentation (9:35)

  6. Discussing Dialogues by Jorrit and Erik Bosgraaf (11:43)

  7. Experience with fluid.pitch~ (16:40)

  8. Neural network parameter mapping (19:45)

  9. Preset and sound morphing (20:0)

  10. Perspectives on technologies (24:42)

  11. Different roles in the development process (27:13)

  12. Learning new technologies (30:10)

  13. FluCoMa buffer paradigm (33:33)

  14. Teaching technologies (36:53)


In this second episode of the FluCoMa podcast I talk with Jorrit Tamminga. We discuss his creative process and approach to musicking through some of his collaborations with people like Wim Henderickx and Erik Bosgraaf. We also discuss how he is beginning to incorporate some of the FluCoMa tools into his practice, and how he approaches the learning and teaching of computational techniques.

Here are the links to some of the things that were discussed during the podcast:

  • Dialogue de l’ombre double, Pierre Boulez.

  • Nick Collins’ SCMIR (download here).

  • Vox 5, Trevor Wishart.