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Welcome to the Fluid Corpus Manipulation Learn platform.

Don’t know where to start or what to do? The learn platform is broken down into four sections.


Overviews are longer-form, prose-like texts that aim to discuss higher-level topics in machine listening, machine learning sometimes relating to specific FluCoMa technology and sometimes reflecting more broadly. This is a good place to start browsing for ideas if you don’t know where specifically you want to start.


Guides demonstrate applications of the FluCoMa technology by building patches, scripts and programs in videos with accompanying text.


The reference here discusses the underlying algorithms of the FluCoMa toolkit in more detail. We try to steer clear from specific implementation details and instead focus on the concepts behind each algorithm.

Made with FluCoMa

Made with FluCoMa draws attention to you. The users, makers and creative people who are using the tools. We want to highlight what’s our there as both a learning opportunity for others and to situate this technology within a community of techno-fluent musicians.

Get Involved

There many ways you can get involved with FluCoMa.

  1. Download the Max, SuperCollider or Pd package. You can follow the installation instructions for your environment of choice.

  2. Discuss, ask questions, or share what you’ve been using FluCoMa for in the discourse forum. This is a community-driven place where we welcome anyone and especially encourage beginners as part of their learning experience.

  3. Dive into all of our open-source code at GitHub.