FluCoMa Podcast #09: Ben Hackbarth

The ninth episode of the FluCoMa Podcast where Jacob Hart talks with creative coder, composer and creator of AudioGuide Ben Hackbarth.

Ben Hackbarth profile picture

Ben Hackbarth

The Podcast


  1. Introduction (0:0)

  2. Getting into music and music technology (1:55)

  3. Introduction to AudioGuide (3:5)

  4. The story of AudioGuide’s development (5:38)

  5. Initial pieces made with AudioGuide (9:37)

  6. Concat synthesis in Ben’s practice (14:4)

  7. Working with instrumentalists (16:54)

  8. Time and perspectives on live concat synthesis (22:4)

  9. Questions of interface (30:18)

  10. Approach to corpus curation (39:28)

  11. Having your tool used by others (46:40)


In this episode of the FluCoMa Podcast, I talk to Dr. Ben Hackbarth who is currently the Head of Composition at the University of Liverpool. We talk about his creative process, and the tool he has been developing for many years for enabling complex offline concatenative synthesis: AudioGuide. We discuss his approach to development, and also how concatenative synthesis enters into his creative practice as a composer.


Download Ben’s AudioGuide here.

Here are the links to some of the things that were discussed during the podcast:

  • Part 1/5 of the in-depth AudioGuide tutorial:

  • Tutorial for algorithmic selection of simultaneous corpus samples:

  • Example 1:
Voice target.
Concatenative output.
  • Example 2:
Voice target.
Concatenative output.
Concatenative synthesis with the piano samples.