Pure Data Installation Instructions

Step-by-step guide for installing the FluCoMa package for Pure Data

Step 1: Download the Pure Data Package

Download the latest version of the Pure Data package from GitHub releases. Choose the appropriate release for your operating system.


Step 2: Add the Package to the Search Path

To install a Pure Data package you need to place it in the Pure Data search path by adding the package folder to the search path.

You can achieve this by opening the path preferences.

Step 3: Add the FluCoMa library to the Startup Preferences

We also need to add the FluCoMa library to the startup libraries of Pure Data. This is because many of our objects live inside a single compiled object called fluid_libmanipulation.

To add the fluid_libmanipulation library to the startup preferences:

  1. Open the preferences
  1. Click New...

  2. Type fluid_libmanipulation

  1. Click OK

Step 4: Dequarantine (macOS only)

Binaries for macOS are currently not signed. This means that you will have to “dequarantine” them. For Pure Data this is most easily achieved by modifying the attribute of the binaries on the command line. The command below will recursively do this for you if you provide it the valid path to the FluCoMa package.

xattr -d -r com.apple.quarantine <path_to_package>

Step 5: Run and Test

Now check that the installation worked.

  1. Restart Pure Data.

  2. Open this patch.

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