SuperCollider Installation Instructions

Step 1: Download the FluCoMa SuperCollider Extension Package

Download the latest version of the extension from GitHub releases. Choose the appropriate release for your operating system.

Step 2: Move the Downloaded Folder to the Extension Directory

The location of the extension directory changes depending on your operating system. The easiest way to discover the location is to run the below code in SuperCollider. This will print the extension directory for your system in the console.


Copy the downloaded folder to this location.

Step 3: Dequarantine *.scx Extensions

We don’t sign the builds of the FluCoMa toolkit and so macOS will quarantine the binary files causing an error when the class library (re)compiles.

We can dequarantine the *.scx files directly from inside SuperCollider with this script.

("xattr -d -r"+Platform.userExtensionDir.quote++"/FluidCorpusManipulation/plugins").runInTerminal

Step 4: Run SuperCollider and Test

Be sure to recompile the class library first by restarting SCIDE or Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + L

// Recompile the class library by restarting SCIDE or Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + L
    // Did this print the version string to the console?

If this code block prints the version of the FluCoMa tools then it is installed correctly.