FluCoMa Podcast #04: Simon Smith

Episode 4 of the FluCoMa Podcast where Jacob Hart talks to creative coder and BEAST studio technician Simon Smith.

Simon Smith profile picture

Simon Smith

The Podcast


  1. Introduction (0:0)

  2. How Simon got into electronic music (1:41)

  3. Music as sound (6:35)

  4. Simon's research (8:40)

  5. Musicking with other people (18:44)

  6. Themes and approaches in Simon's work (28:10)

  7. What is Kyma? (34:20)

  8. The aura left by the CCE (39:23)

  9. Moving from Kyma to Max (43:4)

  10. EMG Bracelet project using FluCoMa (46:24)

  11. Approaching a corpus map (55:14)

  12. Approaches to mapping (1:2:5)

  13. Electronic music communities (1:17:27)

  14. Approaches to the diffusion of other people's music (1:25:36)

  15. Aesthetic approach to diffusion (1:32:32)


In this episode of the FluCoMa Podcast I talk to Simon Smith who is currently the studio technician at the Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST). We talk about Simon’s approach to diffusion, an important part of electronic music. We also discuss Simon’s creative practice which spans from installations to solo performance; emerges from a host of different environments from Kyma to Max; and makes use of bespoke pieces of hardware such as EMG bracelets. Simon explains how he has recently incorporated some of the FluCoMa tools into his workflow, and the important role they have played in his recent work.

Here are the links to some of the things that were discussed during the podcast: